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EXPOCAN has become a leading company in its sector in the central region of Honduras. The Company is now distinguished by its quality and reliability in business handling. As part of our commitment in providing quality to our clients, we have the following certifications:















Our staff is trained by the Hazard Analysis Critical and Control Points principles- HACCP, applying the following practices:

1. Identification of the hazards.

2. Determine the critical control points in the process (it is a step or procedure that can be used to control and can eliminate or reduce a danger in food safety during the production process)

3. Set limits for each critical control point ( its a procedure that allows the preventive actions taken to be effective. The critical limit allows us to have control over the associated critical control points. For example: Temperature control )

4. We establish monitoring procedures

5. We establish corrective actions

6. We establish verification activities

7. Registration and documentation establishments





All these principles are covered by HACCP certification.


EXPOCAN actively participates in seminars and trainings conducted by government agents such as the National Agricultural Health Service of Honduras (SENASA ), as well as in private events such as the ones organized by the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP) , Exporting and Invest Honduran Foundation (FIDE), among others.


En proceso de certificación

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