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About us



Exportadora Camino Nuevo


We are a honduran company dedicated to the planting, harvesting , packing and exporting of high quality fruits and vegetables. Our exporting season starts in December and ends in April


Our exporting products are:


























A total of 154 hectares are the scenario of the harvesting of our products, always commited to deliver the best quality to our customers.


EXPOCAN products are present in important markets such as the United States of America (U.S.) and we expect to expand into other important markets such as Canada, Europe and Asia.

In 2014 EXPOCAN started distributing its products by selling them to national supermarkets in the main cities, such as: “Supermercados La Colonia” and “Supermercados La Antorcha”.



EXPOCAN actively participates in seminars and trainings conducted by government agencies such as the National Agricultural Health Service of Honduras (SENASA ), also participates in private events such as those rganized by the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP) , Exporting and Invest Honduran Foundation (FIDE), among others.

















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