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Our story



EXPOCAN S. de RL (Exportadora Camino Nuevo) is the result of a dream come true. Several years ago, Enrique Miselem and Oscar Eladio Suazo worked together in Chestnut Hill Farms. After several years of experience, while working for other companies, these two experts of the agricultural world started conceiving the idea of working together again to make their dream come true. Aproximately 15 years later the project started to take place and in September 2008 EXPOCAN LLC (Exportadora Camino Nuevo) was legally registered, and it was on December of that very same year that they began the adventure planting fresh pickle. When the bussines started growing, these two entrepreneurs started evaluating the need of expanding the market with new products . That was how they began to harvest, pack and export three squash varieties (Butternut, Spaghetti and Acorn) as well as Seedless Watermelon.Today all 5 products (mentioned above) are being handled and EXPOCAN continues innovating with new challenges. Also participating in tradeshows like: Alimentaria in Barcelona, Shanghai's Masshow, and CPMA in Vancouver), starting to expand with local and regional sales , among others.This only proves that when two expert growers join with a project in mind, putting all their effort and entusiasm in it, their plans will come out ahead and they will be filled with success.


Founding Partners

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